North Bay Payroll specializes in local businesses in Marin, Sonoma County, and San Francisco. Our motto is, "Supporting local communities, one business at a time."

We put service 1st, and software second (a close second) with an emphasis on personal. How personal? All our clients have our cell phone numbers and their primary contact is with me, Taylor!

Think of a local CPA firm with a couple of names on the door and a few accountants and assistants backing them up. We don't want to grow at the expense of losing this true personalized service. The rest of the industry seems to be shifting towards do-it-yourself cloud based models. Some have gone years without ever speaking to their clients directly. And this model is totally okay! Our client is different.

If you want to be able to give me a call and know that after a 5 minute conversation I will personally resolve the issue, you may be a good fit for our business.

The buck stops with me! - Taylor