all inclusive rates

Partnership with North Bay Payroll

  • Benefits to your clients:

    Best pricing in the industry, guaranteed. If you can furnish an invoice, even with a deep discount, I will beat those rates.
  • Local, personalized, flexible, service with unparalleled accountability. I will always be the point of contact with our clients and help them with anything that may come up. Because our leadership is so involved at the client level, we are willing and able to do things for our clients that our competition can’t or won’t due to procedural limitations. Sit with a client during their first time using our cloud SaaS product? No problem. Drop off some check stock because our client forgot to request some and they are panicked about tomorrow’s payday? It happens and we’ll be there as soon as we can.

    Cloud based software that is simple and easy to use. While nation payroll companies are calling themselves technology companies and putting all their investment into web marketing, we feel the local business owner is being forgotten. North Bay Payroll is a payroll service first, and our software and technology support our service. Technology can never replace human ingenuity, customer service and accountability and I feel it is a mistake to forget that.

  • Benefits to you:

    We’ll do everything in our power to make you look good, because we would like you to refer us again.

  • Our success is dependent on our reputation. We consider ourselves an extension of your business and we know you are also putting your reputation on the line every time you suggest us to your clients. You also know where we live…
    Free Payroll:
    As long as you have referred us three new clients in a 12 month look back period, your payroll is on the house.
    Profit Sharing and referral fees available on a very limited basis.
    We don’t do taxes or sell insurance so we’ll refer you back!