NORTH BAY PAYROLL offers a user-friendly state-of-the-art program so that any size company can quickly submit its current payroll data directly on to their dedicated site or by utilizing the online web-clock system. We also offer the options to call in, email, 'call to you,' or import from your systems any of which can be utilized with any given payroll.

For our ONE PRICE PER CHECK FEE we do payroll with or without direct deposits, state and federal tax deposits and tax returns, W-2 and W-3 filings, and we provide a complete menu of online payroll reports.

NORTH BAY PAYROLL offers paperless as well as the option to enable "Local Printing" of pay checks. And for those companies choosing direct deposits, checks as well as W2's are emailed directly to the Employee.

Our HR support is also included as part of the service and we have a network of Qualified Professionals who can assist in Health Care, Workers Comp, Business Insurance and Tax Preparation.